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The funds raised are entirely dedicated to our actions towards the poorest populations of Vietnam.

Mission costs (international flights, accommodation and meals) are paid by our staff.

Our resources come from membership fees, donations and the benefits of our events entirely dedicated to our actions.

All actions and activities are carried out by volunteers.

Thanks to your generosity, many achievements have been made since 2010.

Adhésions et dons

  • Active membership : 30 € par an
  • Membership as a benefactor : 90 € par an
  • Make a donation for the purchase of solar kits to participate in the program "Enlighten the Villages" : 80 €     
  • Making a donation to maintain the Francophony in Vietnam
  • Make a donation to participate in the operation "A Probe for Life" to treat hydrocephalic children
  • Donate for assignment at your discretion
  • Participate in school sponsorship of children from local, religious or secular charitable institutions or from very poor families